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Centre Gives 2016

See the impact our community can make locally in just 40 hours!

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Inspire, Engage, Transform

Discover the impact our community members made in 2015. It's all in the Annual Impact Report.

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Campbell Legacy Society

Your legacy, your community. Learn more about the benefits of estate planning.

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Book Benches

Learn more about the Book Benches of Centre County project, our 2014 Centre Inspires grant recipient. One of these 25 benches will be coming to a neighborhood near you!

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Centre Shares

David Maneval is known for his generosity and volunteer work at numerous organizations around Centre County. Since 1999 he has worked with Centre Foundation to create funds which will ensure his support of those organizations continues into the future.

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Centre Builds

Housing Transitions’ shelter for homeless families and individuals has a large wrap-around front porch which was a favorite gathering place for the residents. When the porch became unsafe and could no longer be used, Centre Foundation was there to help.

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We help make a greater impact with your giving, support local nonprofits, and inspire residents to engage and connect.

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Browse Funds

Every one of our funds begins with a donor and with a special story of passion and legacy.

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Field-of-Interest Grants

Apply for the 2015 round of interest area grants by Friday, October 23!

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Book Benches

Learn more about the Book Benches of Centre County project, our 2014 Centre Inspires grant recipient.

We chose to create this fund at Centre Foundation because it is an integral part of our community.