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Centre Inspires Grant Now Open

Do you have an idea that could transform our community for the better? Apply for our annual Centre Inspires grant.

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Inspiring a Culture of Giving

Circles have long been known as a symbol for unity. They represent an unbroken connection; a line that always happens to find itself again. Communities are a lot like circles.

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Thank You!

With your generosity, our community invested $1,425,795 into our local nonprofit network in just 36 hours! Since 2012, about $6.8 million has been invested into our local nonprofits.

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We help make a greater impact with your giving, support local nonprofits, and inspire residents to engage and connect.

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Every one of our funds begins with a donor and with a special story of passion and legacy.

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Field-of-Interest Grants

Apply for the 2017 round of interest area grants by Friday, October 27!

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Book Benches

Learn more about the Book Benches of Centre County project, our 2014 Centre Inspires grant recipient.

We chose to create this fund at Centre Foundation because it is an integral part of our community.