about us

We believe that an engaged community builds powerful relationships among people and organizations committed to changing our world.

Our Mission

To inspire and facilitate a culture of giving which creates a vibrant community. 

Our Values

  • Integrity - We are honest, attentive, and accountable in all of our work.
  • Impact - We are effective and accomplished in achieving results.
  • Expertise - We possess a deep understanding of our community’s needs and philanthropic goals.
  • Collaboration - We convene effective partnerships to meet community needs and goals.
  • Leadership - We have the vision and courage to inspire a vibrant future for our community.

Our Mission and values are guiding principles which enable us to create positive change and innovation in our community. By following these standards we are able to convene effective partnerships, provide leadership around community issues, and facilitate philanthropic strategies.  

We are Centre County’s Foundation

Since 1981, generous donors have invested in Centre Foundation. Today, thanks to those generous donors, Centre Foundation has over $35 million in Foundation assets, and has invested over $18 million back into our community. Each year since our inception, new endowment funds have been established by passionate donors who want to pave the way to a successful future for our community. 

Here at Centre Foundation, we believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. We provide excellent personal service to our donors and have a team of people ready to help them achieve their personal philanthropic goals. We pride ourselves on possessing a deep understanding of our community’s needs and our ability to provide innovative and traditional giving opportunities to match the passions of our donors with the needs of the community. When you partner with us, we’ll use our expertise to assure your giving is effective and fun.

We believe in the organizations that are working to create a better future for Centre County. We provide services to them to build endowments, to create support through community engagement, to strengthen themselves through training and research, to fund transformative projects and to assemble effective partnerships with stakeholders around community issues.



We are at home everywhere in Centre County and beyond. We can help you make an impact in a specific township or school district, the entire county, or areas outside the county.  

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