about us

We believe that an engaged community builds powerful relationships among people and organizations committed to changing our world.

We are Centre County’s Foundation

Since 1981, generous donors have helped build up nearly $35 million in Foundation assets, allowing us to invest almost $18 million in our community.

We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. When you partner with us, we’ll help you become one - and make sure your giving is effective and fun. We’re experts in two things - philanthropy and community. People like to work with us because of that. We provide excellent personal service and have a team of people who have a deep understanding of the community.

We believe in the organizations that are working to create a better future for Centre County. We provide services to them to build endowments, to create support through community engagement, to strengthen themselves through training and research, and to convene funding partners with charitable organizations to fund transformative projects.



We are at home everywhere in Centre County. We can help you support a specific area within the county or the entire county. A few of our funds provide support for organizations outside of the county, at the request of those funds’ creators.


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