Does Centre Foundation offer grants?

Centre Foundation distributes grants to Centre County nonprofits from its designated funds on a yearly, and occasionally quarterly, basis. We also have discretionary assets that fund a grants process for which Centre County nonprofits can apply. To learn more about the grants process, click here.

Does Centre Foundation offer scholarships?

Centre Foundation has almost 200 scholarship and award funds that support students and programs at all five Centre County school districts. Students receive these scholarships through their particular school district and therefore must apply with them; Centre Foundation does not take any scholarship applications. To explore our scholarship funds, click here.

How can I make a donation?

We invite you to make a donation quickly and securely while you are here visiting our website. We also accept donations via check, which you may drop off or mail to us at 1377 Ridge Master Drive, State College, PA 16803. Additionally, we accept stock transfers; please call our office at (814) 237-6229 and one of our staff members will guide you through the process.

How can I create a fund with Centre Foundation?

Creating a fund with Centre Foundation enables you to work with our staff to ensure your goals are met and your legacy endures for many generations. For more information on how to start a fund, click here. Setting up a fund allows us to create a lasting partnership with you; we ask that you call our office at (814) 237-6229 and set up an appointment to meet with staff and begin this exciting conversation.