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Maximizing strengths and addressing challenges to improve community attachment

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The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation understands that community foundations convene and inspire local stakeholders for projects that can make significant impact.   In order to support that work, Knight established this donor advised fund to demonstrate a strong commitment to Centre Foundation's work in Centre County.  

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation believes that informed and engaged communities are critical to healthy communities in a democracy.  Trabian Shorters, Vice President for Communities, explains that Knight "engages people and institutions in the transformational issues and opportunities of their time.  We consider the local narrative, spot important long-term trends and opportunities, then invest in the people and institutions whom we believe can make the difference. We do this with a constant eye on impact and innovation."

How Does it Help?

We look to community foundations as the local experts on the ground

The fund encourages and supports projects that will inform and engage the Centre County community.   Currenlty focusing on finding ways to use Knight's Soul of The Community study's findings to maximize community strengths and address challenge areas to improve community attachment and potentially increase local economic growth.  Find more information on Centre County's results at 


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