Giving Circle Fund

Engaged Community Members Supporting Vital Projects

Story of Fund


Imagine the excitement of being in the room when a $10,000 grant is distributed to a local organization!

By joining the Giving Circle, you vote on which organizations are invited to apply for the grant and vote on which will be finalists. At the annual cocktail party, you join with other members to see presentations from the finalists and choose the winning grantee. 

In previous years, Giving Circle members voted to give their annual $10,000 project-based grant to provide housing for the developmentally disabled, purchase a truck for a shelter, create interactive learning stations for our youngest students, secure a dry home for seniors, and much more! Your membership in the Giving Circle makes an impact in our community - join us in giving back!


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(See what happened in 2017!)

How Does it Help?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

This fund will be used to generate grants – selected by Giving Circle members – back to Centre County non-profit organizations and programs.  Previous Giving Circle grants have been awarded to Hearts for Homeless, Interfaith Human ServicesPark Forest PreschoolCentre Volunteers in Medicine, the House of Care, Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania, Housing Transitions, Strawberry Fields, and Community Help Centre for specially designated programs and needs.  


Hearts for Homeless
Park forest day nursery
Park Forest Preschool
Centre volunteers in medicine
Centre Volunteers In Medicine
House of care
House Of Care
Discovery space
Discovery Space Of Central Pennsylvania
Housing transitions
Housing Transitions
Strawberry fields
Strawberry Fields
Interfaith human srvs
Interfaith Human Services
Community help centre
Community Help Centre

Fund Size
2017 Grants
  • 25%Human Services
  • 25%Community & Arts
  • 25%Environmental
  • 25%Education