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Preserving the rich heritage of Boalsburg and Centre County.

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The Boalsburg Heritage Museum is where the past is present.  The property of the Sara Sweet House is currently the site of the Boalsburg Heritage Museum which also includes the Light House, the 2008 rebuild of the Bank Barn, and the Summer Kitchen.  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aikens presented the property to the Museum Association as a gift in 1983. 

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Many original Boalsburg families, their children and descendants, are still represented in the Village. With such a heritage one looks for something more than oridinary in the way of patriotism from this little town - an nobly indeed has it justified the expectation.

A stated purpose of the museum has been to promote awareness of Harris Township's rich heritage and to interest and educate the public. Exhibits, lectures, and social events have been an important part of this effort. From the onset, classes of elementary school children have made fields trips to tour the museum and often the blacksmith shop and other village attractions as well. Other groups frequently request tours as part of their visit to the area.  Most rooms in the house are set up as semi-permanent exhibits with the gallery reserved for displays of shorter duration. The gallery has been the locale for many interesting and varied displays.   The fund supports the operations and maintenance of the museum's  buildings and property.  


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