Pennsylvania Agronomic Education Society Fund

Supporting Students in the Crop and Soil Sciences

Story of Fund

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This fund was established by the Pennsylvania Agronomic Education Society (PAES) to encourage more students to pursue a degree in the crop and soil sciences. The PAES is more than 200 professionals engaged in the agronomic sciences.  Society members share an interest in staying abreast of the newest production practices, managements, and technologies. They meet regularly to network and to maintain their professional certifications via attendance at educational conferences.

The Society identified a rapidly growing need for more graduates who are qualified to work in these disciplines.
The response was to transition from an annually-funded scholarship at Penn State to a permanently endowed student scholarship. This is an innovative move that the Society is happy to support!

How Does it Help?

Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.

The Pennsylvania Agronomic Education Society Fund will support scholarships to students who have demonstrated both a financial need and an interest in pursuing a degree in crop and soil sciences.

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