The Melita B. Snedden Fund

Improving lives in Centre County by responding to current needs

Story of Fund


In 2015, Jacquelyn "Jackie" Snedden began her junior year at State College Area High School. As a talented athlete, the school year would be busy with field hockey practices, as well as practices with the lacrosse team - where she served as varsity team captain. Outside of school, Jackie's schedule has been full of volunteer engagements at Central PA 4th Fest, Special Olympics, and various student-athlete camps.

As the school year began, Jackie committed herself to another cause that combines many of her passions. The decision to establish the Melita B. Snedden Fund not only honors her mother's memory, but also gives Jackie a vehicle to make an impact in her community. Sadly, Melita succumbed to a brain aneurysm after surviving three others. Since then, Jackie has been focused on those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries and how to make a difference in their lives. With her interest in business and marketing, Jackie is looking forward to using this fund a mechanism for change in her community.

Melita was a long-time State College resident who had very strong interests in politics, horticulture, the outdoors, animals, fish, sports - especially Field Hockey - and shopping!

How Does it Help?

We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.

The Melita B. Snedden Fund supports organizations that Jackie is passionate about and may change as rising needs present themselves. As a donor advised fund, the organizations may change each year, depending on where Jackie sees the greatest need(s) in our community.

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