Linda and Walt Kilareski Family Fund

Improving Lives in Centre County by Responding to Current Needs

Story of Fund


Linda and Walt Kilareski wanted to make a difference in their community, so in 2016 they decided to establish a family donor-advised fund. Through this fund, they will be able to make grants as issues arise that speak to their philanthropic passion(s). To carry on this family tradition of giving back, the Kilareskis' three grown children - Bob, John, and Suzi - will make the granting decisions in the future.

How Does it Help?

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

The Linda and Walt Kilareski Family Fund supports organizations that the donor-advisors have an interest in funding. As a donor advised fund, the organizations may change each year, depending on where the donor-advisors see the greatest need. 

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