Saint Martin Aylward Family Fund

Promoting human flourishing in Centre County

Story of Fund

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Inspired by the story of Saint Martin, Dr. Howard Aylward, Jr. and Dee Aylward established this fund to promote human flourishing in Centre County. The story of Saint Martin is a simple one: As a young Roman soldier, he had just arrived within the city walls of Amiens after a long trip with his army. Cold, tired, hungry, and longing for shelter, he made his way to the inn. On his way, he came across a beggar who was in great despair. Although Martin had nothing to give, he cut his cloak in two and gave half to the beggar. That same night, Martin had a dream in which God honored him for his good deed, proclaiming that what he did for the poor man, he did for God. 

How Does it Help?

We do some nice things for ourselves, and we thought it would be appropriate to match that with gifts to those who are less fortunate.

As a donor-advised fund, the recipient organizations may change each year depending on the interests and passions of the Aylward's.

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