Chernega Family Fund

Giving back to the Centre County community

Story of Fund

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When John and Joan Chernega decided to retire and sell their business, EMF Systems, they saw it as a great opportunity to give back.  By creating a donor advised fund at Centre Foundation,  they would be able to use some of the value of the business they had successfully built and share it with the community they loved.   They were able to take advantage of an immediate tax benefit but have also been able to be engaged in making recommendations for grants from the fund.

How Does it Help?

Now that our company, EMF Systems, has been sold and we are retired, we are able to give back to our community by supporting human services through our fund.

This fund supports programs which the Chernega's value, primarily  health and human services organizations.   As with all donor advisors, the Chernegas make annual recommendations which Centre Foundation's board of trustees must review and approve.


National parkinson foundation
National Parkinson Foundation
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House Of Care
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Housing Transitions

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Health & Social Services