David Nevins Fund

Improving lives in Centre County by responding to current needs

Story of Fund

David nevins fund

David Nevins created this fund for the benefit of those living in the Centre County community.  "I very much appreciate the opportunity to support as worthy an organization as the Centre Foundation."

How Does it Help?

Through the efforts of Centre Foundation, I am confident that our community will benefit from the fund established in my name.

Centre Foundation discretionary funds are distributed through our competitive grants process to meet the changing needs of the Centre County residents.  In a unique role as philanthropic leaders of the community, foundation board members, who represent all areas and people of the County, and the knowledgeable professional staff, are uniquely equipped to understand the changing needs of the community, and focus grants where they can make the most impact over the years. 

Fund Size
2017 Grants
  • 47%Human Services
  • 31%Education
  • 15%Community & Arts
  • 7%Environmental