Delbert E. and Helen C. Myers Fund

Improving lives in Centre County by responding to current needs

Story of Fund

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Delbert and Helen were residents and business owners in State College.  Delbert, born in Lock Haven, established a building and contracting business in Happy Valley.  He was friends with Judge R. Paul Campbell, one the principal founders of Centre Foundation, and the couples attended church together at St. Paul's United Methodist Church.  After Delbert's passing, Centre Foundation learned in 1995 that he had generously left the largest gift ever received up to that point.  The Myers' legacy continues through the work this fund supports, as well as through their United Way Fund.

How Does it Help?

He had a desire to help people and he felt that State College had been good to him because he had his business in State College and that was his way of showing his appreciation.

Centre Foundation discretionary funds are distributed through our competitive grants process to meet the changing needs of the Centre County residents.  In a unique role as philanthropic leaders of the community, foundation board members, who represent all areas and people of the County, and the knowledgeable professional staff, are uniquely equipped to understand the changing needs of the community, and focus grants where they can make the most impact over the years.  

Fund Size
2017 Grants
  • 47%Human Services
  • 31%Education
  • 15%Community & Arts
  • 7%Environmental