New for Centre Gives - Gifts of Stock!

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New for Centre Gives - Gifts of Stock! Making gifts go further and reducing taxes.It might not be as easy as pulling your credit card from your wallet, but here are three great reasons why you should consider a give a gift of stock for Centre Gives: 1.)    Making a gift of stock is easier than you think.    2.)    Giving appreciated stock reduces your capital gains tax burden.* 3.)    Your tax savings translates into more impact for your favorite organization participating in Centre Gives ! We are excited to announce that this year, Centre Gives will allow gifts of  $2,500 or more to be made through gifts of appreciated stock!  Stock gifts for Centre Gives must be received between April 3 and April 21, 2017, and may be designated as a Centre Gives gift to any of the nearly 150 participating non-profit organizations.  These organizations serve Centre County in the areas of arts, animals, education, environment, and health & human services – so you can make an impact in any area that you have a passion!  Gifts of stock will help these organizations receive a larger portion of the $100,000 stretch pool of grant dollars that Centre Foundation provides each year during Centre Gives.  However, gifts of stock will not qualify for prizes. After discussing your charitable wishes, your financial advisor may contact Centre Foundation’s office to request the information to make the stock transfer.   Here is an example of how gifts of stock can cost less and go further: Eleanor wants to make a charitable gift of $10,000 and is debating whether to make her gift via cash or stock. Her marginal federal income tax rate is 28% and is not subject to state or local income taxes. The stock she is considering gifting is valued at $10,000, with a cost basis of $4,000.In this example, Eleanor saves an additional $900 by making her charitable gift with stock rather than writing a check. Eleanor’s results would further improve if she was in an even higher federal tax bracket and if there were any state or local income taxes to consider. Of course, Centre Foundation accepts gifts of stock year-round.  If you or your financial advisor have any questions, please contact Centre Foundation’s office at 814-237-6229.  * Gifts of long-term (held for greater than one year) appreciated stock may be donated during Centre Gives. The Fair Market Value of the stock (determined as the average of the high and low of the stock value at date of gift) may be taken as a tax deduction.  Gifts of Long-Term Capital Gains appreciated property are limited to 30% of adjusted gross income.  By donating appreciated long-term (held for greater than one year) capital stock, you will avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the stock. Please note that gifts of Short-Term stock do not enjoy this same benefit, and are only deductible to the extent of cost basis.

Centre PACT students making a local impact!

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There was a two-fold level of impact during the March meeting of Centre PACT - Philanthropic Actions Created by Students. These Centre County high school students took a break from their fundraising endeavors to do some hands-on community work. First, they collected items for the Home Nursing Agency's Nurse-Family Partnership program, which helps "first-time mothers learn that it does take a village to raise a child." This evidence-based program provides free home visits during pregnancy, infancy, and toddlerhood to low-income mothers. In Centre County, 60 families are enrolled in the program, which is run by three nurses. According to independent research, every public dollar invested in the program results in communities saving five dollars due to savings in social services, healthcare, and criminal justice costs.Then, the students were charged with a mission to discover their own views on various character traits, such as courage, respect, responsibility, integrity, etc. In small groups, the students discussed their own views, observations, and personal lessons learned.The second part of their mission was to create a motivational poster around a specific character trait. The students' motivational posters will be displayed at the Penns Valley Youth Center (PVYC), which serves students in 6th - 12th grade. Darren Narber, Executive Director at PVYC, noted that these posters will build "their self-esteem and motivations to live up to their individual potential." Finally, the meeting was topped off with some fun games, music, snacks, and socializing!---Click to see the impact that the students of Centre PACT 2015-2016 had in our community!

Update: Book Benches of Centre County

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In need of a "stay-cation," scavenger hunt, or art-inspired activity to entertain guests? Check out the Book Benches of Centre County! This project was the inaugural recipient of Centre Foundation's collaborative grant process known as Centre Inspires. SPE Federal Credit Union and Child Development & Family Council of Centre County teamed up with Elody Gyekis and dozens of other local artists (and community volunteers) to create these interactive and artistic benches. The 25 benches are fully functional and located throughout Centre County. Each bench depicts a scene related to a special feature of Centre County.  Enjoy!---Learn More:Book Benches of Centre County Unveiled at Arts Fest 2015Book Benches of Centre County Awarded $100,000 Centre Inspires Grant at 2014 Annual Dinner

Centre Gives Success Series: 21st Century Storytelling

03.01.2017 staff and brad groznik
The 2017 #CentreGives Success Series kicked-off on March 1st at Centre Foundation with a session on "21st Century Storytelling," featuring Brad Groznik of Groznik PR.In attendance were over 30 local staff members, board representatives, and/or volunteers from non-profit organizations across Centre County, Pennsylvania that serve missions of every ilk: arts, animals, education, environment, and health & human services.The two-hour session began by sharing some best practices for crafting an organization's message, discovering an organization's voice, and how to share that message with the modern-day media.Then, the participants broke into groups to put these ideas into practice. Their goal was to craft a short story that would inspire potential donors to visit on May 9th and 10th to make a $25 donation to their organization.The template they used began, "This is a story about..." and ended with "and it's interesting because___." Later, the group shared some of the most interesting stories they heard other people share. Stories like:A dog who helps children learn to read.A state champion swimmer who couldn't afford private lessons.A student who was functionally illiterate in second grade but went on to become a National Merit Scholar.These are just a few of the things local non-profit organizations in Centre County are accomplishing! They are making our community a more vibrant place to live. Together, we can ensure that they are able to carry out their missions by visiting on May 9th and 10th to make a donation, which will go further.Centre Foundation provides a $100,000 stretch pool and additional prizes during Centre Gives. Each donation made during Centre Gives goes further, by helping your favorite organizations receive a larger share of the stretch pool and compete for prizes!Visit to learn more and keep up with the fun on social media using #CentreGives!---To learn more about the Centre Gives Success Series and view other seminar materials, please click here.