An anonymous donor has responded to the spirit of Centre Gives and made a gift of $50,000 that will be added to the $100,000 stretch pool, which benefits all 124 participating organizations.
“This is an incredibly generous gift and we are so happy to use it to increase the community’s impact through Centre Gives this year,” said Molly Kunkel, Executive Director of Centre Foundation. “This gift is a testament to the resilience of our community, how they rallied around our non-profit organizations to ensure that Centre Gives would overcome the nation-wide technical glitch that encumbered the first day of our event.”
Gifts made during Centre Gives go further, qualifying organizations for a larger share of the now $150,000 stretch pool.

“The more an organization raises, the more of the stretch pool they will ultimately receive,” noted Kunkel. “This $50,000 infusion into the stretch pool not only boosts the impact of Centre Gives but also buoys the spirits of everyone who put their heart and soul into this event on behalf of the organizations for which they are so passionate.”
The community made an amazing impact in just 40 hours, giving over 6,000 gifts to raise over $934,000! When combined with new $150,000 stretch pool and $26,000 in prizes, the total investment across 124 local non-profit organizations comes to a grand total of $1,110,000!
Since Centre Gives began in 2012, there have been over 23,500 gifts made in the combined 184 hours benefitting over 130 local organizations to the tune of over $4,000,000!
Our gratitude goes out everyone who supported Centre Gives, our anonymous donor, and to our for-profit community partners this year, which include M&T Bank, First National Bank, Torron Group, Vuong Global, Mazza Law Group, Centre Daily Times, and Barash Media.