Centre Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of the field-of-interest grant application period this month, which will offer $54,152 in grants.
“Local charitable organizations are encouraged to apply for this year’s Centre Foundation Field-of-Interest Funds,” noted Molly Kunkel, Executive Director at Centre Foundation. “We are proud to house these 14 funds that have focuses including specific geographic areas, specific types of programs, or unique populations or areas within in Centre County.”
At Centre Foundation, each fund starts with a donor and a unique legacy.  The funds that make up the Field-of-Interest competitive granting cycle are no exception. 
“Our donors are passionate and have a drive to make a difference in various places around the County, or for specific neighbors in need,” explained Kunkel. “Through these Field-of-Interest Funds, donors are able to make an impact in an area that matters deeply to them, as well as make a meaningful difference in the community.”

The J. Alvin and Vera E. Knepper Hawbaker Memorial Fund continues this family’s local legacy, providing annual grants for vital health and education services across Centre County. The Louis E. and Patricia H. Silvi Fund is another fund that carries on the priorities that were valued by a local couple. The Silvis’ commitment to children is remembered each year as their fund provides grants to early childhood education programs that serve families in Centre County.

Centre Foundation is delighted to offer grants from 14 unique Field-of-Interest funds.  Like the Hawbaker and Silvi Funds, each fund has a story about a visionary donor and passion that impacts a specific part of Centre County.  While the fund stories are available online year-round, this competitive grant cycle is open once a year each fall.  

For more information on each fund and to learn how to apply for Centre Foundation’s 2017 Field-of-Interest grants, please visit centre-foundation.org or call 814-237-6229.  Applications are submitted online and are due by Friday, October 27th at 5:00 pm.
“We are always happy to answer questions and assist organizations through the grant process,” noted Kunkel. “We look forward to supporting many inspiring projects that will enhance our community.”


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