The excitement in the air was palpable on Sunday, October 15th, the eve we commenced our Centre PACT journey. Each of us, students residing in Centre County, eagerly anticipated the opportunities to come—a chance to cooperatively collaborate with like-minded peers and to manifest positive change within our beloved community.

Centre Foundation’s Executive Director, Molly Kunkel, introduced us to Centre Foundation, explaining its mission and critical impact on our community. Since its inception, Centre Foundation has supported our community through its investments in local community members and nonprofits, even providing scholarships for students!

Following this inspirational introduction (and Chinese food!), we jumped right into brainstorming and sharing our passions. Synthesizing these individual ideas, we democratically achieved our overarching theme: “Securing Physical and Emotional Safety for Community Wellness.” This theme encompasses the most important aspects of the hierarchy of needs: physiological and safety necessities. The safeguarding of these essential needs, which enable people to reach their full potential, will be our driving force in negotiations and decisions to come.

We look forward to learning more about the world of philanthropy, interacting with local non-profits, and making a difference within our community. 

-          Aja, Baron, & Jasmine