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Our Grants

We believe in the organizations that are working to create a better future for the Centre County community.

Each year, Centre Foundation distributes hundreds of grants to Centre County non-profits from our funds that designate specific organizations as beneficiaries. We also offer community grant funding through the innovative Centre Inspires granting program, as well as more traditional, competitive grant funding through our Field-of-Interest Funds. Combining these programs with Centre Gives, our 36-hour online giving event, we provide local non-profits with several unique and exciting granting experiences throughout a given calendar year.

For a list of grantees and amounts by calendar year, please see the files below:

Centre Gives

Centre Gives is a 36-hour online giving event designed to highlight and support the great work of local non-profits serving Centre County. Since the program's inception in 2012, the community and Centre Foundation have invested a combined total $6.8 million into our community! This investment has benefited over 165 local organizations with missions across all interest areas: education, health and social services, arts, animals, and the environment. Our goal is to shine a community-wide spotlight on the good work of our non-profits and to help them learn online fundraising and communications strategies that support their long-term success.

The next Centre Gives will occur in May 2019. The application period for organizations wishing to participate in Centre Gives 2019 will open in January.

What is Centre Gives? Watch this short video from Centre Gives 2018.

Contact our office for more information about Centre Gives, including sponsorship and educational opportunities. 

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Centre Inspires

How can your organization impact Centre County, create strong partnerships, and engage local citizens while making a positive difference? Centre Inspires is here to help!

The Centre Inspires grant was created by Centre Foundation in 2014 to support innovative projects that make a significant local impact. The request for proposal is based on one simple question: What project could you implement that would meet a local need and encourage the people of Centre County to be more engaged in their community? Centre Foundation will award up to $100,000 in grant funding to support one successful proposal.

Proposals must be submitted through this online form by Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 5:00 pm.

Qualifications and Guidelines:

  • Only organizations that are the beneficiaries of a Centre Foundation endowment fund may apply.
  • Individuals or organizations that do not hold or benefit from an endowment fund at Centre Foundation may apply through a qualifying organization as the primary applicant.
  • Collaborative partnerships between other non-profit organizations, businesses, churches, government entities, etc. are encouraged.
  • Applications are due by August 2, 2018. For full qualifications and guidelines, please see the 2018 Centre Inspires Packet.

Prior Grant Recipients:

For more information, please contact our office.

Field-of-Interest Funds

At Centre Foundation, all funds begin with a donor’s legacy and a story of personal motivation to make a difference. The Field-of-Interest Funds are no different. These fourteen funds are designed to support particular causes, programs, populations, or geographic areas, based on the original donor’s passions.

Each fall, organizations are invited to submit proposals for these funds during a traditional, competitive granting cycle. The next cycle will begin in September 2018.

To learn more about the Field-of-Interest funds and the interests they serve, please see the fund links at the end of this section. 

Please contact our office with any questions.

Field-of-Interest Funds Descriptions:

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