ways to give

Why Centre Foundation?

We offer a variety of tools to help you achieve your charitable goals. Whether you want to create a new fund or add to an existing one, we are here to make giving easy and effective by accepting a variety of gifts which provide great flexibility.

  • You can donate directly to us from our donation page. By choosing this option you allow us to determine how to use your gift to address the county’s greatest needs.
  • Browse our current funds to learn about the work our current funds are already supporting and make a donation directly to one or more funds.
  • We can help you create your own charitable fund. We’ll work closely with you so we can understand your goals. You can choose how much and what kind of assets you use to start the fund, what nonprofit organizations the fund will benefit, and what to name the fund. Our staff is available to assist you, not only as you begin the fund, but throughout your lifetime. Contact Us for more information.

The Giving Circle

Centre Foundation's Giving Circle is a group of community-minded individuals who pool their resources to make a big impact. Your membership contribution helps create an annual grant opportunity for organizations that are working hard to make Centre County an even better place to live.

Each year, members meet to hear presentations from three finalist organizations. During the event, members' votes will determine the recipient of the $10,000 Giving Circle grant, and runners-up will receive smaller grants to assist with their projects. 

Since its inception in 2006, members of the Giving Circle have distributed $124,000 in grants to support programs throughout Centre County! 

Members in good standing are invited to attend the annual Giving Circle Reception on August 29, 2018 to determine the next $10,000 Giving Circle grant recipient.

 * Click here to join the Giving Circle! 

 * Contact us or download a brochure to learn more.

 * What happened in 2017? Get all the details here.

Campbell Legacy Society

Judge R. Paul Campbell understood the value of leaving a legacy to his community when he founded Centre Foundation. Our Campbell Society honors his legacy by recognizing donors who have named Centre Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate plans. You can become a member of the Campbell Society through designating Centre Foundation in a:

  • bequest under a will
  • distribution from a trust (including a charitable remainder or lead trust)
  • charitable gift annuity
  • life insurance policy as a beneficiary
  • retirement plan (IRA, 401k, 403b) as a beneficiary
  • deferred pledge agreement

For more information about the benefits of estate planning, sample bequest language, and other tips, please click here to view a helpful brochure.

If you have included Centre Foundation in your will or other planned gift and wish to be recognized in the Campbell Society, please complete this form and contact us.

To see pictures from the 2018 Campbell Legacy Society Luncheon, please click here. 

Centre PACT - Philanthropic Actions Created by Teens

Centre County high school students are encouraged to apply to join Centre PACT, a program which aims to give participants a hands-on, student-led look at philanthropy. Students will identify a local need, create their own grant application, evaluate grant proposals, and learn more about leadership, fundraising, and Centre County in the course of the program.

Centre PACT meets once a month during the school year. Applications for the Centre PACT Class of 2018-19 will open in August 2018.

For more information, please contact our office

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